The essays, chapters and draft articles here are all from the process philosophy of signs project. I have added recent drafts of work on signs and comedy, and signs and style. There's also a critical discussion of Whitehead's symbolism in relation to my process philosophy of the sign; a defence of the process philosophy of signs as pragmatism, in response to objections made by Jon Roffe; a simple definition of process semiology; a response to "corrective" and "static" approches to linguistic signs through the argument that process signs are always political; a discussion of how process signs depend upon and can be given through diagrams; a short discussion of process signs as political in relation to a recent scandal in the treatment of asylum seekers; a sample chapter from my book A Process Philosophy of Signs (EUP, 2016); an essay that considers the political dimension of the use of the word 'barbarian' and wider ethical questions about the use of dangerous signs; an article, published in Parrhesia, that explains the role of diagrams in the process sign, in relation to Deleuze, Guattari and Hjelmslev, among others; an essay that begins to show how the formal process theory can be applied; an entry on process ontologies for a forthcoming encyclopaedia of posthumanism; the last draft of an article on signs and process in Barthes, Deleuze and Peirce; and the latest draft on an article that begins a critique of the model of the extended mind from a process point of view.

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